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Radio Host: Michael Brown Attacked Officer Because He Was ‘Hyped Up On Marijuana’

Radio host Bryan Fischer has been molding his Ferguson narrative since last week, painting Michael Brown as a “menacing” giant who was justifiably killed while assaulting a cop. On Friday, it all came together for Fischer as he proclaimed that the teen clearly attacked the officer because he was “tanked up” on pot.

“We know now he did have marijuana in his system,” Fischer said after the independent autopsy and toxicology reports were released. “And we’ve had stories, remember, we’ve had stories from Colorado, people going berserk on marijuana and killing people, hyped up on marijuana. So it’s more dangerous than people think.”

Fischer has also attacked President Obama on his handling of Ferguson, saying that Obama “just doesn’t seem to care” about the black community.

“Here’s the first black president,” Fischer said. “The black community had so much hope. A post-racial president, he’s going to heal all of these racial divisions. Here is a black president who seems blissfully unconcerned that a largely black community is going up in flames. He has to be dragged to the podium after three days and riots to say a word about the situation. And so it would seem to me that they would have a hard time not thinking, look, this is a president, despite his skin color, despite the fact that he may identify with us ethnically, he just doesn’t seem to care.”

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