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Georgia Man Threatens Black Kids at Bus Stop Over Noise: ‘This Bullet Has Your Name on It’

A Georgia man has been arrested after he threatened children at a bus stop with a gun.

According to WTOC, middle and high school students in Chatham County told police that a man confronted them at a bus stop because the group was being noisy.

“He came out and he was really approaching the kids – you know cussing and using profanity,” one student told the station. “He came out and said, ‘I have a bullet with your name written on it.’”

The suspect, 28-year-old Jason Zimmerman, says he never threatened the group.

“This is ridiculous,” Zimmerman said. “I don’t know why they would say that or where they came up with that.”

Zimmerman says he came out to tell the kids to be quiet and they cursed at him so he went back inside to call the police.

“I turned around to walk up to my house to get my cell phone to call the police and he ran home, I guess because he could see my gun. I never reached back for my gun, I never touched my gun at any time.”

The kids had a different story, telling WSAV that Zimmerman threatened them and showed them bullets in the gun.

Police arrested Zimmerman and have charged him with terroristic threats after interviewing about 20 students.

“Immediately, I was just outraged,” said Rhonda Harris, the mother of two of the students involved. “I was upset and I just couldn’t understand why he would come outside with a gun to complain about noise. These children range from the ages of 11 to 14, and I mean, what was going to be the course of action because of the noise? Were they going to get shot?”

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