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Columnist: ‘Time For Blacks to Be Treated as the KKK Have Been’

Mychal Massie has written a new column for “news”/occasional hate-site WorldNetDaily, writing that “it is time for blacks to be treated as the KKK have been.”

“These blacks,” Massie wrote, speaking about the protesters in Ferguson, “those like them and those who sympathize with them, are equivalent to toxic allergens making blacks allergic to civilized behavior. I say it is time for blacks to be treated as the KKK have been.”

Rather than protest the shooting of a “black thug,” Massie wrote, black people should be protesting that “their population is being systematically eliminated by abortionists with the approval and applause of Obama.”

That’s an interesting argument considering how many conservative talking heads and columnists, especially on WND, lament that “they” are taking over while white people are becoming a minority.

“The people are upset because a ‘gangsta’ wannabe’ made a bad decision that led to his death – but they ignore the deaths of truly innocent children,” Massie opined “St. Louis is home to a Planned Parenthood death mill located at 4251 Forest Park Avenue, and as recently as 2010, it was headed by a black woman. A Planned Parenthood death factory that, according to tax records filed in 2010 obtained from Mark Crutcher’s Life Dynamics and Abortiondocs.org, earned $7.75 million and paid salaries totaling $4.5 million, for murdering innocent unborn black children in 2008.”

“When blacks aren’t killing one another they are being murdered by abortionists,” Massie adds. “And all Obama, Holder, Jackson et al. can find to condemn is that a black thug was shot and killed by police. Why weren’t they upset about the 80 people (nearly all black) who were shot, 12 of whom died, in Chicago the Fourth of July weekend alone? The black population in America has been decreased by well over 25 percent. Black women may be only 13 percent of the child-bearing population, but they are responsible for over 35 percent of the unborn children murdered by abortion.”

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