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Fox News Commentator: Obama Not Really a Christian, ‘Orchestrated’ Ferguson Incident to ‘Play Politics’

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes has been making the rounds off the network this week and can’t stop accusing President Obama of something nefarious at every stop.

In an interview with “news”/occasional hate site WorldNetDaily, Starnes accused the president of lying about being a Christian.

“The president has really pushed forward a secular-humanist agenda during his administration and it’s really puzzling,” Starnes said. “This man professes to be a follower of Jesus Christ and yet he allows his administration to attack his own faith, it just doesn’t make sense.”

What really doesn’t make sense is thinking a “humanist agenda” is somehow anti-Christian.

Starnes also appeared on Sandy Rios’ American Family Radio to talk about the protests in Ferguson, saying that Obama officials “are actually orchestrating a lot of this stuff and they turned this local tragedy into a political issue. It appears that the administration is trying to play politics with this.”

Starnes also posted a message on his Facebook page, saying Obama is helping “professional race hustlers” by commenting on the Michael Brown shooting.

“The Mainstream Media led us to believe that Michael Brown was a lovable, college-bound teenager who was just minding his own business when he was randomly accosted by the police,” he wrote. “There was a rush to judgment in this case and the chief offender was our commander in chief. President Obama was all too willing to stand before the cameras and deliver another ‘Cops Acting Stupidly’ speech. I wonder who will deliver the ‘politicians acting stupidly’ speech?”

Starnes also made an appearance on The Alice Stewart Show to slam the journalists covering Ferguson, saying they’re trying to produce “a reality television show” in which they “act like they are in some sort of war-torn country – they’re in Ferguson, Missouri for crying out loud!”

“One of the things that really irritated me,” he continued, “everybody’s attacking the police. The media, they’re not even attempting to hide their disdain for law enforcement. Hey MSNBC, the reason that they don’t want you standing in the middle of the street is because you’re going to get hit by a brick, you moron!”

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