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Actor Kevin Sorbo’s Shocking Racist Rant: Ferguson an ‘Excuse’ For Black People to Act as ‘Animals They Truly Are’

Actor Kevin Sorbo has been more vocal about his conservative views of late and took to Facebook to slam African-American protesters in Ferguson for proving to be “animals.”

“Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man,” Sorbo wrote. “It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are.”

“It is a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying, but blaming everyone else, The Man, for their failures,” Sorbo claims. “It’s always someone else’s fault when you give up.”

Sorbo went on to say that Michael Brown’s death should be a “reminder to the African Americans (I always thought we just Americans. Oh, well.) that their president the[y] voted in has only made things worse for them, not better.”

Hercules then went on to say that the city should “ban” all of the media from covering the protests because they are “nothing more than agitators.”

Apparently Mr. Sorbo is not a fan of black people or First Amendments.

“The media promotes chaos to boost their pathetic ratings,” Sorbo correctly claims, only to then crazily add, “We should shut them all off and watch clips on the internet only when republished under fair use by a conservative media watchdog group.”

At the very least, we now know where Hercules is getting his internet news from.

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  • Guest40

    check out Sorbo’s Facebook page. this particular rant doesn’t make him a racist, but his page sure does.

    • Barry

      What’s wrong with being a racist?


    sorbo is an as*hole on so many levels and for so many reasons, I am sorry he plays a leading role in a movie I want to see. First of all, he is a racist. secondly, he is a repulsican Obama-hater. Thirdly, his reference to any humans he considers scum or lowlife, as ”
    animals” shows just how ignorant he is–when have you ever seen an animal looting, protesting, stealing, doing any evil just for pleasure or the sake of evil? NO, humans are the only ones who do any and all of these. Humans are a disgrace to the rest of the animal kingdom
    , not vice versa. Do not call whoever you consider human scum animals. animals don’t deserve that insult. I am not saying this piece of crap self-absorbed holier-than-thou racist jerk is right, I am saying he should leave innocent animals out of it. racist arrogant misinformed judgmental hypocritical jerk.

  • pauletteb

    Never much of an actor . . . not much of a human being either!

  • Barry

    What did he say that wasn’t true?

  • Da Troof

    Well, he is right.

  • sl

    ‘rioters’ does not mean ‘black people’. You’re just race baiting.

  • YUNGshoota187

    wow wat a suprise another white racist who hates blacks n gotta try to do wat he can to make us look like we criminals n dumb. so sick of these whites . lol let me see this cracker in person smh these whites just gettin worst n worst. real tlk

    • Emmit

      You guys do enough to make yourselves “look like criminals n dumb” all in your own. YUNGshoota187…lol.

    • Chamber

      Learn how to spell and perhaps the sentiment would change, dipshit.

    • John D
  • David

    Igor Alahu Ackbar please report the news and leave your bullshit bias out of it, because no one in their right mind wants the opinion of a nigger-loving terrorist.

  • Chamber

    I’m confused. Was he wrong? Nothing he said seemed wrong to me. He seems like a level headed and well spoken has-been, and people need to stop calling racism on every damn thing. It’s getting old.

  • AlmightySatan

    You may not like it, but you know he’s 100% correct.