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Columnist: ‘Obama is an Anti-American Radical,’ ‘Muslim,’ ‘Disgraceful’

Frontpage editor and columnist David Horowitz appeared on the American Family Association’s ‘Today Issues’ to allege that President Obama hates America and is probably a Muslim.

Even though Obama-ordered air strikes have been taking out ISIS targets all over Iraq, Horowitz says Obama is cheering on his fellow Muslim brothers in ISIS.

“Obama is an anti-American radical and I’m actually sure he’s a Muslim, he certainly isn’t a Christian,” Horowitz accused. “He’s a pretend Christian in the same way he’s a pretend American. It really is disgraceful. He’s inviting the terrorists to behead more Americans when he should be attacking them with our military. His whole agenda in office has been to defeat America, he lost the war in Iraq deliberately, he created a vacuum which ISIS has filled.”

“Saying he’s the worst president we’ve ever had is not saying enough,” Horowitz added.

Host Tim Wildmon mentioned that he didn’t believe that Obama was a Muslim at first but he does now after seeing the president’s “anti-American” actions.

“I think he is,” Horowitz agreed. “I don’t think there’s really any question.”

“When he was re-elected, the first thought that came into my mind is, a lot of people are going to be dead because of this election, and how right I was,” Horowitz continued. “They’re going to come across our border with their dirty bombs and their anthrax and whatever else, you know, their swords, behead us… The ones who are going to do the killing are coming across our open border and this president is not defending us.”

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