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Ted Nugent: Liberals Responsible for ‘Encouraging Young Black Guys to Become Thugs’

Aging rocker Ted Nugent has written a new column for “news”/occasional hate-site WorldNetDaily, claiming that it’s the liberals that are responsible for Michael Brown’s death.

Nugent says President Obama is “fanning the embers of racism” to fuel racial hostility which is apparently “good for liberal politics.”

“The president knows all too well that losing a portion of the black vote would spell disaster for the Democrats in upcoming elections,” Nugent writes. “Like his race-baiting buddy Al-Not-So-Sharpton, Mr. Obama believes fanning the embers of racism will keep black Americans squarely in the corner of their big daddy Democratic Party. That’s good for liberal politics and bad for racial harmony and America.”

“President Obama continues to beat the race drum in a feeble attempt to reduce the nonstop gangland gangbanger warfare in Chi-raq and other urban warzones in Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Detroit, St. Louis, etc., repeating the nonsense that more “reasonable” gun control laws will stop street savages from getting their hands on guns and killing each other,” Nugent continued.

“You don’t need to be a social psychologist, anthropologist, criminologist or even a greasy Motown guitar player to understand why America has urban warzones,” Nugent concludes.” “It is the result of liberals who believe every problem can be solved by massive government spending and a bumbling, lethargic, counter-productive bureaucracy, instead of demanding accountability.”

“The ugly truth is that liberals are complicit in Michael Brown’s death and the deaths of thousands of other young black guys who have been encouraged to become thugs,” he alleged. “The pesky fact is that America has a discipline-less related violence problem. That apparently is quite OK with liberals so long as they can continue to try and con the American people, especially black Americans, into believing that access to guns and racism are the problem.”

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