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Republican Lawmaker Under Fire For ‘Racist’ Obama Facebook Posts Blames Republican Peer Pressure

A Republican councilman in Poplar Bluff, Missouri has apologized for posting racist photos and memes of President Obama on his Facebook page and says he just got “caught up” in sharing similar images with Republican colleagues.

The photos reportedly depicted Obama as a witch doctor and other racist images.

“To come from a city council [member], a city government official, this is highly unthought of, even in Poplar Bluff, Missouri,” Reverend Tommy Robinson said to Councilman Peter Tinsley at a city council meeting on Monday. “I’m highly upset over this, along with the residents of our ward.”

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Tinsley replied. “At one time, I was a very active Republican, very opposed to Obama.”

On Tuesday, Tinsley continued to apologize, saying, “I want people to know that I am very remorseful for it. It was inappropriate. I believe I got caught up in an emotional moment of sharing jokes. It seemed funny at the time but today it’s very serious and it’s not funny at all.”

Eddy Justice, the chairman of the Butler County Republicans, said Tinsley’s posts do not represent his party.

“It even got more intense when he proceeded to blame the Republican party for him thinking like that,” Justice said. “Republicans believe everyone should be judged on their qualifications, on their ability.”

“We want to see more positive outcomes and that really validates an individual apology,” Rev. Robinson said. “We are looking for the same thing that the church would be looking for and that is healing and restoration.”

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  • Judith P. Bradley

    “Caught up”, my a$$!! He is as mean and hateful as the rest of them. Just look at his pic about Obamacare. That is not political, it is racist.

  • PAC

    Missouri. Again!
    One side of my family comes from Missouri and most of them are racist. But this is pervasive…it is everywhere.

    • glogrrl

      I’m FROM there….and thank God, I got away! I’m ashamed of my home state…..they’re a bunch of redneck crackers.

  • Thom Lee


  • Robert J Bartley

    Just the kind of lawmaker you want one who is incapable of independant thought and action. God help the people of Missouri.

    • glogrrl

      It seems to be a Republican trait.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    “Gee, he was just trading racist pictures and jokes with his GOP buddies. What’s the harm? Lighten up!” (I can see the comments from the TPers now.)

  • Cathryn Sykes

    BTW, that “witch doctor” photo is from 2008. It’s been around forever….the Tea Party loves it. They also had one circulating that showed Mrs. Obama with a chimp’s face. They finally took that one off. What a bunch of racist jerks!

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    Apology not accepted!

  • memcats

    And those on the right criticize black people for voting democrat, heck the Republican Party with their racist behavior turns away minorities.

  • notadailycaller

    You can’t be a Republican and think for yourself. Being a member of today’s GOP means unquestioned loyalty and voting the way your party directs you to vote. To do otherwise is to commit political suicide. This “man” is just another racist sheep.

  • Kato

    You’re just a racist Republican.

  • prytani

    wow what a leader and a role model and wait did people vote for him?