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Florida Cops Beat Black Man After He ‘Didn’t Roll Down His Car Window All The Way’

A Florida man says he is still recovering after he was beaten by a St. Petersburg police officer and says the whole thing started because he refused to roll his window all the way down.

When Curtis Shannon was pulled over in December of last year, he began recording with his cell phone because he says cops in the area tend to get violent with suspects.

He published the video on Sunday.

The officer approaches the car and asks for his license and registration. Shannon hands it to him through a small opening in the window but the officer refuses and threatens to break the window if he doesn’t roll it all the way down.

“My name is Cpl. Shannon, USMC,” Shannon replied. “You can have my license and registration.”

“I need to see you,” the officer said. “I need you to get out of this car, that’s what I need you to do.”

Shannon asks why and the officer says, “Because I asked you to.”

Shannon replies, “That’s not a good reason. You pulled me over a half a black from my house, I’ve cooperated fully so far. I’ve already heard enough about SPPD around here. I’m not going to step out of this car so you can beat the hell out of me.”

In hindsight, those words were prophetic.

The officer threatens to “bust” Shannon’s window and his backup arrives.

They promise he will not be hurt and he steps out of the car.

On his GoFundMe page, Shannon writes, “I took his word for it (silly me), grabbed my phone (now a camcorder) so I could continue recording from outside the car and opened the car door. I let go of the frame of my car and accepted my fate. I was getting beat up tonight, there’s no denying that. The officer then slammed me onto the ground, making sure that my head made full contact with the curb on the way down.”

Shannon spent the night in jail.

In a police report, the arresting officer claimed that “Shannon then exited the car and charged at me. I then pushed Shannon away from me and advised him to ‘stop resisting.’ Shannon then attempted to charge towards me again and I escorting [sic] Shannon to a [sic] the ground using an armbar takedown maneuver.”

Shannon was charged with felony obstruction of justice with violence but that was later reduced misdemeanor obstruction without violence.

On his GoFundMe page, he writes, “For 8 months, I have been scraping by making sure we don’t miss any bills or rent payments. I was hesitant to set this page up because I’m not one to ask for help, not even from family. They’ve done all they can and now I come to you, the people. Help me get my family back on our feet.”

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