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School Superintendent Calls Girls ‘Skanks’ For Wearing Short Shorts in August, Makes Them Bend Over to ‘Measure Shorts Length’

An Oklahoma school superintendent has drawn the ire of parents and students alike after calling female students “skanks” and making them bend over to check the length of their shorts.

Noble Public Schools Superintendent Ronda Bass says all she was doing was “protecting” the students after saying they “violated the dress code.”

Of course, the average temperature in Noble, Oklahoma all week has hovered above 95 degrees.

Despite the fact that temperatures have been unbearable and several heat advisories have been issued, KFOR reports that Bass’ assembly at Noble High School left many girls humiliated.

“As I was greeting the children coming in I knew we had a major, major problem on our hands,” Bass told the station. “The first question I asked was, ‘How many of you in here believe that there are female students on campus today that are dressed completely inappropriate?’ Most of their hands went up.”

Students say pushing girls to dress “more appropriately” is one thing, but Bass “crossed the line” with the terminology she used.

Student Katelynn Hill told KOCO that Bass didn’t phrase her question as she said, and claims the superintendent asked the assembly, “Have any of you guys seen anybody around here dressed like a skank? If you can feel your skin on the bleachers then you’re showing your ass. And I don’t want to see anybody’s ass hanging out of their shorts.”

Another student, Sophie Stevens, says Bass’ actions became even more inappropriate later in the day.

“She told us to go out into the hallway and I actually watched her ask one of my classmates to bend over so she could see how short her shorts are,” Stevens told KOCO.

Some parents have started a petition to call for Bass’ resignation, calling her rhetoric and conduct completely inappropriate and humiliating.

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  • Richard Harper

    Soon-to-be-matron at a women’s prison near you.

  • Ginny Weitzel

    Perhaps she could be sent home so she could be replaced by a superintendent who speaks English: ” . . . dressed appropriate(ly)”

  • Judith P. Bradley

    That is seriously inappropriate language, however I do agree about the dress code. I picked my grandchild up from summer school and 13-15 year old girls were leaving the building in tight short shorts, tank tops, and flip flops, as the young boys stood by and glared. The reason was “oh, everybody dresses like that if they can get away with it”. We had a little talk about self respect.

    • UsHoePen

      I agree because this type of behavior is caused to provoke young guys and older men also. These kids are there to study and I remeber being a youngster in school and at one time all that I could think about was those few girls that I seen right before class flirting with their tight pants on. At the time we wore unifoms and I was a virgin so I can only imagine what thoughts enter these kids minds now days. Its a damn shame and the media wont make it no better.