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Columnist: Obama Policies Directly Led to Rise of ISIS, ‘Was it His Intent?’

Joseph Farah, the editor of right-wing “news” site/occasional hate site WorldNetDaily has penned a new column patting himself on the back for “being right” about his past prediction that Obama would “empower the ISIS.”

“Two years ago, I pointed out that Obama was, in effect, siding ‘with al-Qaida and other Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups in the effort to overturn the regime of Bashar Assad’ by intervening in the civil war in Syria,” Farah writes.

“I also questioned Obama’s justification for his plan to bomb Syria two years ago,” he continues. “Back then, he wanted to bomb Assad’s forces. Today he is talking about bombing ISIS forces in Syria. Why was he hell-bent on bombing the wrong side in the civil war? He claimed it was because Syria had chemical weapons and used them. This from the man who steadfastly opposed the war in Iraq, a nation that also had chemical weapons and used them against the Kurdish population and Iran before that.”

“Maybe it was just incompetence by Obama when he pushed all the wrong buttons leading to the empowerment of ISIS,” Farah asserts. “Maybe it was just gross negligence on the part of Obama and his administration that directly resulted in the rise of ISIS. Maybe it was just his inexperience or detachment or lack of sophistication that led to the new killing fields of the Middle East.”

“But his policies in Syrian and Iraq over the last two years have resulted in a bloodbath that shows no signs of abating,” Farah concludes. “His administration is floundering in its response, refusing pleas for rearmament and aid by the Iraqi government and the Kurds. The reality is that Obama could not have done any more to help ISIS if it were his intent. And that raises the unavoidable and uncomfortable question: Was it his intent?”

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  • TexasMike

    Yeah Pat, that’s why John McCain had his picture taken with them. Time for the home Pat.

  • Terrence Keene Jablonski

    Everything is Obama’s fault! It is so hard to even react to these guyz and their blind? deliberate distortion? of the facts. Yes, Iraq used chemical weapons (supplied by us) on the Kurds in the 80’s. So that has a bearing on invading Iraq in 2003?. Anyway, we were supposedly looking for nuclear materials in Iraq, but nevermind. With regard to Syria, we can’t do everything for everyone. What gave ISIS the jump in Iraq was the Iraqi army turning back and running without even a real fivht, leaving all the weapons we had given them behind. Ut is not clear if Arabs are just big vhickens (sadam’s army also disdolved with barely a fight when we arrived) or shether it is really becsuse Maliki failed to achieve a unity govetnment that gve equal rights and treatment to all factions. But yih know, Big Daddy America cannit always save the day. These children have to grow up sometime. Anyway, to help in Syria waz and dtill is, very murky. Turnsvout niw that rebels McCain met with a few months ago and insistsd we should arm right away, were in fact ISIS, and he didn’t know. No, Obams is right. Things are moving very fast in the midfle east – but before ed join the fray we have to know in what direction, constantly weighing what is in our best interests.