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‘I’ll Put a Round In Your Ass’: Florida Cop Caught Threatening to Shoot During Traffic Stop Over Being Recorded

A Florida cop was recorded threatening to shoot a group of black men that he had pulled over because he was being recorded – and now his chief is defending him.

The video was recorded by the backseat passenger on February 4, 2013 and was posted to social media last month.

The video shows a Boynton Beach police officer approach a car with four black men and asks them from ID.

He realizes that a passenger is recording him and orders him to put down the phone.

“I have rights, sir,” the passenger responds. “I’m recording this sh*t.”

One of the passengers asks the officer for his name but he ignores them and orders everyone to get out of the car.

The driver then takes his own phone out to take a photo of the cop’s badge number and the officer drags him out of the car and throws him on the ground.

Although the driver does not resist, another officer rushes over with his gun already drawn.

The second officer then ordered the passengers to put their hands in front of them or he will “put a round in your ass so quick.”

They then open the backdoor and the video stops.

The arrest report states that the car had a strong odor of marijuana and the driver was being “uncooperative.”

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz defended the officer, saying that he felt threatened because the driver “reached out of his window with a black object in his hand.”

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  • 10isace

    The cop’s name is Barney Fife….

  • Smooth

    If you can’t figure out a gun from a cellphone, you need to be in another line of work!

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    All police officers need to be wearing cameras while on duty; we’re hearing more and more of these stories, and I’m sure this kind of behavior hasn’t JUST started happening. The police are paid with our tax dollars “to protect and serve,” and this kind of crap needs to stop.

  • Arvids Driksna

    If it had been 4 white men this would have never happened.

  • Yava Tay

    Look how agitated the officer became when the young man asked for his name. What does that say about a person in supposed authority.

    • Estella Cohen

      That’s the question we should ask along with their badge #. It should be on a cops uniform so the public can see who they are dealing with!

  • Estella Cohen

    Keep those camera rolling. Then sue,sue and sue some more. Thanks, you told him. Cops are now scared of being sued.(they should be)

  • notadailycaller

    If anyone thinks this is a unique situation you are in denial.

  • notadailycaller

    I didn’t see the name of the nice officer who used the naughty word before using his weapon to threaten serious injury or death to these obnoxious but correct group of friends.