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NRA on 9-Year-Old’s Fatal Uzi Accident: Kids Should ‘Have Fun at the Shooting Range’

After a 9-year-old girl accidently killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi at a gun range, the National Rifle Association posted the most tone-deaf tweet they could think of, listing all the ways kids can “have fun at the shooting range.”

The tweet was deleted within an hour and linked to an article in the magazine Women’s Outdoor News, claiming “7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range.”

“If children continually shoot the same bulls-eye target, they can become tired, exhausted, or bored,” the article’s author Mia Anstine wrote. “As the boredom sets in, the effort that goes into shooting can deteriorate.”

She writes that kids “want, or rather need, to have fun at the range. That’s when it’s time to introduce other types of targets to change things up.”

Anstine suggests animal targets which are “fun to shoot while sighting in for hunting season” and zombie targets so that “they can imagine they’re getting rid of the monsters from their nightmares.”

She writes that exploding targets “are on the top of the ‘fun’ list. The resounding ‘BOOM’ and puff of smoke is fun to see, hear, and… smell.”

Although the article was published on August 20, the NRA decided that Wednesday would be a good time to promote it after the death of shooting instructor Charles Vacca.

That shooting happened at a firing range combined with a fast foot joint called Bullets and Burgers in northwest Arizona after a 9-year-old girl was practicing to shoot an Uzi and lost control of her weapon.

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