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Radio Host: Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He Was ‘Possessed By Demons’

Radio host and American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer once again discussed the tragic death of Robin Williams, saying that the actor died because he was “possessed by demons.”

RightWingWatch reports that Fischer claimed that Robin Williams “gave himself over to Satan in order to help his career, which ultimately led to his death by suicide.”

Fischer turned to an article by evangelist Joe Schimmel who wrote that Williams “opened himself up to transformative demonic powers” that were responsible for his suicide.

“I think the chances were very, very good that Robin Williams was demonized, that Robin Williams was afflicted, oppressed by demons, and that Robin Williams himself acknowledged that,” Fischer said, apparently confusing actual Satanic spirits for what drug and alcohol abusers call “demons.”

“Robin Williams himself acknowledged that his success as a comic and performer was owed to the spirits that took him over when he stepped on the stage to perform,” Fischer continued. “And in the end it seems likely that these demonic spirits took him where all demonic spirits want to take us, and that is to the place of hopelessness, despair, and death… Was Robin Williams demon possessed? And the answer to that question, using the vernacular, is very likely, the answer to that question is yes.”

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