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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Mocks GOP For Living in a World of ‘Make-Believe,’ Worshipping ‘Pretend Presidents’

On Thursday’s edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert slammed conservatives for living in a make-believe world when it comes to the threat of ISIS.

First he “angrily” pointed at a photograph of President Obama, saying, “this guy right here needs a hard dose of reality – right, woman who lives in a world of imagination?”

Colbert then cut to a female Fox News pundit saying, “Can I just make a special request from a magic lamp? Can we get like, Netanyahu or Putin in for, like, 48 hours as head of the United States? I don’t know, you know, I just want somebody to get in here and get it done right.”

“Yes,” Colbert replied. “As long as we’re making sh*t up, as a conservative, my allegiance is to an ever greater imaginary leader – Ronald Reagan. He is the one we should be pretending is stopping this crisis, and Newt Gingrich agrees. Yesterday, he posted a lengthy fake speech he imagines Regan would give if he were still around. And it is exactly what Ronald Reagan would say if he were still alive and somehow still president, serving his ninth term at the age of 103.”

He then quoted Newt Gingrich quoting imaginary Reagan, saying, “defeating terrorists and blackmailers is nothing new in American history… Jefferson hated war and loved peace. He also understood that there were times when vicious opponents give peace-loving people no choice but to engage in just war.”

“And if Newt knows exactly how Jefferson felt,” Colbert responded, “I’m sure he’ll also write a fictional speech that Jefferson would have given in 1984 when Reagan decided to get out Marines the hell out of Lebanon. Fake Jefferson would have been just as disappointed in Real Reagan as Fake Reagan is in Real Obama. I can only imagine what Newt will imagine fake Obama will say about the Middle East policy of President Blue Ivy.”

“Nation,” Colbert concluded, “I too can imagine our way to a better world, because I, like Newt Gingrich, believe we can defeat ISIS with the power of make-believe.”

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