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Radio Host: Women ‘Brainwashed’ by Women’s Studies Classes, Ignore That Men Are The Ones ‘Being Degraded’

Sandy Rios talked to Accuracy in Academia’s Malcolm Kline on her American Family Association radio show this week to discuss the “brainwashing” of young women in women’s studies programs at universities.

“I was at an event recently talking to a young woman who was I think just out of college, and I asked her what brought her to the event, but I know that she wasn’t terribly connected with the subject matter, it was actually a pro-life event and I just sensed that she was not necessarily active in the pro-life movement,” Rios recalled.

“So I just opened up a conversation,” Rios continued. “And she talked to me about how badly women are treated and the disparity of opportunity and all this stuff and I just looked at her, I said, ‘Really?’”

“Is that really what you’re seeing?” Rios asked. “Because what I’m seeing is that it’s all about women right now. Women are most of the college graduates now. ‘How dare a man speak anything about a woman?’ Men are the ones who are being degraded… She has been brainwashed that even in this day and in this time that women are somehow mistreated through her women’s study program.”

It’s not just women’s studies programs that Rios is worried about, earlier this year she warned that children in public schools are being “brainwashed” into homosexuality.

Young people “are being brainwashed in public schools” into homosexuality, Rios said on her show before turning to first gay NFL player Michael Sam.

Rios said that she read a “great” and “encouraging” letter from a 19-year-old fan who called Sam’s kiss during the NFL Draft “gross” and talked about the “diseases and mental scarring the homosexuality causes.”

She then turned to ESPN, criticizing “ESPN’s brazen forcing of this on the male population” and “blatantly making men stop and think about things they don’t really want to ponder.”

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