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Fox News: ‘Intolerant’ Feminists Aren’t Being ‘What God Designed Them to Be’

Web hosts and authors of the new book ‘What Women Really Want,’ Morgan Brittany, Ann Marie-Murell, and Gina Loudon appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday to slam the feminist movement for making women “intolerant.”

“They claim they’re feminists, but what they actually are, they are sexualists,” Murrell said. “It has nothing to do with empowering women anymore.”

“We earned the right to vote, we have equality in the workplace,” Murrell continued. “If we don’t, we can fight that on a one-on-one basis. But everything they’re about now is kind of about from the head down. It has nothing to do with women’s brains or their hearts.”

The heart is anatomically below the head, though, right?

“The left was tolerant as long as you agreed with them 100 percent,” host Anna Kooiman chimed.

“Women don’t want to be objectified, and what the feminist movement has successfully done, is really, sexualized women instead of feminizing women,” Loudon jumped in. “So, we’re here with a new brand of feminism, saying drop the shackles of the old feminism. It’s time for women who really want to be women, who want to be feminine, who want to be what God designed them to be.”

“They claim that we put women back into the 50s where women stayed home and took care of their children,” Murrell added. “I say that what they’re doing, they are like cave women waiting for a caveman to bonk them on the head and drag them back into the cave by the hair. That’s who they are. They’re the ones putting us back into the stone ages.”

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