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Laura Ingraham: Obama Believes Americans Are The ‘True Enemy,’ Not ISIS

Laura Ingraham warned listeners on her Courtside Entertainment Group radio show that Obama believes they, not ISIS, are the “true enemy.”

“The enemies are, well, a lot of you listening right now,” Ingraham said. “Those are the true enemies of the ‘Obama State.’ We talk about the Islamic State, this is the Obama State. And the enemies are Tea Party members – that’s why he had an IRS that decided that Tea Party, you gotta shut them out, take them down. That was an enemy.”

“Talk radio is an enemy,” she continued. “Fox News is an enemy. They’re all enemies. Rush Limbaugh, the Sandra Fluke comment, that’s an enemy. Call them out. Those are enemies.”

“But ISIS?” she asked. “The Islamic State? He has not used the word enemy. Bill Kristol points this out today, he’s not used the word enemy to describe the Islamic State. He uses ‘cancer’ and there’s a common understanding that these people are beyond the pale. But the word enemy, that’s reserved for you.”

“So I tweeted last night that perhaps if we found that the Islamic State just denied birth control to women and denied payment for birth control to women, maybe then they’d become an enemy,” she concluded.

To be fair, the Islamic State’s stance on birth control is very close to Ingraham’s stance on birth control.

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