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Columnist: ‘Race-Mongering Infidel’ Obama Hates Whites But Is Also a ‘Spade’ Who Wants to ‘Exterminate Blacks’ Through Abortion

WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie has penned a new column that literally sounds like it was written by Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Django Unchained or Uncle Ruckus from Boondocks, alleging that President Obama is a “race-mongering infidel” who hates white people but also wants to exterminate black people through abortion.

“Except for those who are in a terminal state of denial based on an Erebusic ideology and color of skin, there is no longer any doubt that Obama is a neo-Leninist Muslim sympathizer who is committed to transmogrifying America into something that will be unidentifiable to the America our Founding Fathers provided for vis-a-vis our Constitution,” Massie writes.

“As America comes to the end of Obama’s tyrannical reign, he is pulling the curtains back for all to see. He no longer even pretends to govern within the constraints of the Constitution,” Massie says. “He has sanctioned Eric Holder to administer justice based on color-coded enforcement. He was elected the president of the United States, i.e., of all Americans, but he makes it clear time and time again that while he praises Planned Parenthood for the systematic extermination of unborn black children, he openly despises whites. And he exhibits his contempt for whites at every opportunity.”

“Some may still try to say he isn’t openly racist, but it is time to call this spade a spade,” Massie continues. “If he weren’t a race-mongering infidel, he wouldn’t have said Trayvon Martin looked like the son he didn’t have; at the very least, he would have acknowledged that Christopher Lane, the white baseball player who was murdered in Oklahoma by three blacks, could have looked like him if he had a son as well.”

“If Obama didn’t value the use of blacks more than he valued all citizens, regardless of their skin color, he wouldn’t have sent an “armada” of representatives to the funeral of a black hoodlum while ignoring the funerals of white law-enforcement officers murdered by blacks,” Massie concludes. “If Obama cared about the United States, he would not have put his golf game above the beheading of American journalist James Foley, even as the Syrian coalition announced to the world that ‘Foley died because Obama ignored his own red lines.’ As I stated, it is time to call a spade a spade and this one is named Obama.”

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