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What? Right Winger Claims Obama Was at DC Mosque on Christmas While He Was Vacationing in Hawaii

For all the talk on Fox News about President Obama’s vacations, you think the religious right would keep better track of them. Yet, right wing pundit Kamal Saleem insists that Obama spends his Christmases in a Washington DC mosque – even though the first family has spent every Christmas vacationing in Hawaii.

Saleem, who RightWingWatch bills as a “phony ex-terrorist and Religious Right idol,” appeared on Rick Wiles’ ridiculous ‘Trunews’ show to claim that, “We see him on Christmas, he goes to the mosque, on Christmas Day he’s in a mosque in Washington DC taking his shoes off to celebrate that day on Christmas Day in a Washington DC mosque.”

Forgetting for a second how poorly that sentence was constructed, Obama has been photographed vacationing in Hawaii with his family every year since he took office in 2009.

As RightWingWatch notes, “Perhaps Obama actually spent Christmas surreptitiously flying from Hawaii to Washington to attend a mosque and managed to do so without anyone in the media reporting on it… after all, it’s only a brisk, ten hour flight.”

Saleem went on to accuse Obama of declaring “the Islamization over America” at the UN and said he is working to “create an envoy to Europe” to “establish radical Islamization in Spain, in France, and in Germany.”

“This is happening and the American people are not aware of it because the media and this current Islamization power is just suffocating the truth for the American people to know what is going on,” he added.

If you’re not familiar with Saleem, he claims to have spent five years recruiting for a terrorist organization before “finding Christ and laying down arms.” Since then, he has become a darling among right wingers and now runs Koome Ministries which basically just sends out ultra-Jesusy newsletters and sells DVD sets “for the purpose of training and deploying the Saints for the last days Harvest in every area of the 7 mountains of Influence.” Yeah.

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