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Columnist: ‘Devil Worshipper’ Obama Will Turn US Into ‘Marxist-Islamic North American’ Empire

BarbWire is a right-wing commentary site for pundits too crazy for fellow ultra-right-wing hatefest WorldNetDaily. One such pundit is Sher Zieve who has recently warned that Obama will kill 25 million Americans to give their homes to illegals and that the President is intentionally bringing ISIS terrorists into the US.

Today she brings it all together, writing that ol’ Satan-worshipping Obama plans on being the “Caliph” of the “Marxist-Islamic North American Caliphate.”

“Thus far, Obama has not truly fought against any Islamists/Muslims,” she writes about a president who spent most of his presidency in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, secret wars in Yemen, Pakistan, and Libya, and is currently bombing Iraq again. “He won’t. When Obama isn’t worshiping himself, he worships Allah…aka Lucifer/Moloch. He bowed down and kissed the hand of his benefactor the King of Saud shortly after he was elected POTUS. Muslims know what this means. It means submission. With this act, Obama placed the USA into Dhimmitude–where we have been for Obama’s entire reign.”

Border Patrol “agents have repeatedly been told not to stop anyone from entering the country,” she continues. “The terrorists and Mexican cartels have set up shop in multiple U.S. states. ISIS/ISIL has been here for quite some time. Obama knows it. They are his people.”

“As I’ve written in multiple columns over the years, Obama’s intention is to turn the USA into the Marxist-Islamic North American Caliphate…and he intends to be the Caliph,” she asserts. “That is why he never seems worried about anything. All is going as planned. The faux ‘refugees’ are a distraction, but meant to overrun the country and help to more quickly turn it Third World. It’s working. In the meantime, all manner of gang members and terrorists have entered the country by Obama‘s command. To top off Obama’s continual treasons, he also sides with Islam against Israel.”

“The world is in the most dire condition it has ever been and Obama is one of those leading the charge for its establishment as an Islamic slave state,” she concludes. “In order to do so, the elimination of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is necessary. Obama has already firmly indicated that he is up to the task. Even the dullest amongst us should be able to see just who and what Obama is now. The Lord of the universe is no longer amused.”

Somebody get Sher’s meds before she starts speaking in tongues.

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Igor Derysh is the Managing Editor of Latest. com and a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun Sentinel, and AOL News. His work has been criticized in even more publications. Follow him on Twitter @IgorDerysh