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Michael Savage: Obama is ‘Geared Up to Fight a War Against White People,’ Most Racist President Ever

Radio host Michael Savage took to the airwaves to warn that President Obama is hoping to “mow down” “white crackers” and “stimulate insurrection in this country in order to declare martial law.”

Savage, promoting his new book, Stop the Coming Civil War, says he is so upset that Obama is so close to inciting a civil war by enacting immigration reform that he asked his publisher to move up the release of his book.

“This entire government is geared up to fight a war against white people,” Savage alleged. “What if a group of white people had rioted or does riot in America after Obama grants amnesty? What if they loot and they burn? You know and I know the attorney general is not going to come out and say, ‘I feel your pain.’”

“Could this be the most racist administration in American history?” Savage asked, forgetting about 200 years of slave-owning and anti-black presidents and one very racist Woodrow Wilson. “Are we allowed to ask the question? Do you know of a modern American presidency that was as racist as the Obama administration?”

Why isn’t the Department of Homeland Security paying attention to ISIS, Savage asked. Because they are too busy “planning your insurrection” and preparing to kill “all you evil white crackers.”

So stock up on guns and don’t forget to buy Savage’s new book, The Cat in the Tin Foil Hat, or something like that.

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