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Cop Suspended After Writing That Ferguson Officer ‘Did Society a Favor’ By Killing Michael Brown

An Illinois police officer has been suspended after writing that the Ferguson cop who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown last month “did society a favor.”

Jason Lentz, a 17-year veteran of the Elgin Police Department is being investigated after fellow officers reported his racially-charged Facebook posts to superiors.

Lentz has been suspended, for the fourth time in his career, while the investigation is under way.

In one post, Lentz targets Missouri Highway Patrol Chief Ron Johnson, posting a photo of the man heading the Ferguson police response making an “OK” sign with his hand. Lentz wrote, “He is also in the Chicago Tribune hugging protesters. Just awesome… appears to be the enemy within.”

Another post is titled, “Police Released surveillance footage allegedly showing Michael Brown stealing cigars.”

“Hmm… innocent victim my ass,” Lentz wrote. “Did society a favor.”

After that, the Courier-News reports that superiors told him to remove the post and he shortened his remark to just “Hmm.”

Another photo he posted was of a letter sent by a parent to a school saying that their child would not attend school on Veterans Day until students start attending school on Martin Luther King Day.

Lentz wrote, “Hell Yeah!!! I think next year I’ll keep the kids home.”

The Courier News reports that this is Lentz’s fourth suspension after he was suspended earlier this year, in 2012, and in 2001.

In 2012, he failed to appear in court as a key witness in a case about a 74-year-old rape victim, saying he couldn’t make it because he was traveling for vacation.

In June, he was suspended for sending offensive content using the city system.

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