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VIDEO: NYPD Officers Take Turns Beating Man After Search Turns Up Nothing

A Bronx man is accusing multiple NYPD officers of beating him after an unprovoked search turned up nothing and there is video to fully support his claim.

The video shows two female officers approach and search 23-year-old Santiago Hernandez and a friend as they stood outside a home waiting for an acquaintance. The cops say they were investigating a noise complaint.

After the search turns up nothing, Hernandez says he asked one of the officers why they had searched him. That’s when the video shows one of the officers grab his hand and slap a handcuff on it. Hernandez is shocked and repeatedly asks the officer to explain why she is arresting him.

Just moments later, the video shows about half a dozen officers surround Hernandez, grab him from the steps where he had been sitting, and proceed to punch and kick the man for absolutely no reason. Hernandez doesn’t even appear to resist and merely attempts to cover up as the officers hit him with nightsticks and blast him with pepper spray.

“They were taking turns on me like it was like a gang,” Hernandez told ABC 7.

Hernandez was later charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest but the District Attorney’s office refused to prosecute the case.

Now, Hernandez is filing a civil lawsuit against the city.

“Unfortunately, for a young man like Santiago, I think this incident is all too common,” said Jay Heinrich, Hernandez’s attorney.

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