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Crazy Pastor Rant: Gay NFL Player Michael Sam Might Marry a 9-Year-Old Boy

Out-of-his-mind pastor James David Manning has posted a video claiming that the gay marriage movement will lead to “someone like” gay NFL player Michael Sam marrying a 9-year-old boy.

“Marriage is between a man and a woman so these are not marriages these are fixations is what they are,” Manning said of same-sex unions. “They are, if you will, legalized perverted orgies, if you must, they’re not marriages.”

“Mark my words,” Manning exclaimed. “Like Michael Sam and others, someone is going to take a 9-year-old boy to an Arabic nation or to a nation with power to retort, marry that 9-year-old boy, and come back in to Ellis Island and through customs and New York State will have to recognize that marriage! Because under the law, you can marry who you will and marriage in another state must be recognized. That’s exactly how pedophilia is going to begin to grow all over every place.”

So let’s see if we can find all the things wrong with what Manning said:

First, this dope thinks immigrants still enter the country through Ellis Island, presumably on boats after months at sea. Anything he says after that is rendered moot based simply on his lack of knowledge of anything.

Second, if under his definition of the law you can marry who you will, why does Michael Sam take the hypothetical 9-year-old he apparently wants to marry to an Arabic state?

That’s not what the law says, and the “recognition” part of the law does not allow people to marry 9-year-olds since there are already plenty of places where adult men marry 9-year-old children and yet aren’t recognized here.

Third, check out the cool wall rug that serves as the high-tech back drop in this video that he clearly made in his basement.

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