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Pat Buchanan: Undocumented Children a ‘Greater Threat’ Than ISIS

Appearing on the Laura Graham show, conservative pundit Pat Buchanan warned that the influx of illegal children cross the border into the United States is a greater threat to the country than a potential terrorist attack by ISIS.

“Look, we’d better realize here that the United States itself is in tremendous long-term danger, I think, and the bleeding border along our southern border, the mass movement of people from all over the world into this country, the decomposition of this country socially and culturally, politically, all of these things, it seems to me, are far greater long-term threats to the United States than even those dreadful characters over there in Syria or Iraq beheading people,” Buchanan said.

In a column last month, Buchanan alleged that President Obama is intent on giving millions of people amnesty because “Obama did not like the America we grew up in.”

“Obama wants history to rank him among the transformational presidents like Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan. And what better way to transform America than to ensure her evolution from a Western and predominantly Christian country into that multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, borderless land Teddy Roosevelt inveighed against as nothing but a ‘polygot boarding house for the world’? Obama did not like the America we grew up in,” Buchanan wrote.

“If all are entitled to come, they will come,” Buchanan added. “And they will remake the West and America in their own image, Obama’s image, the image of that Tower of Babel, the United Nations General assembly… How much more diversity can we handle before there is no unity left?”

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