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Fox News Pundit: Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead to ‘Man-Dog’ Marriage

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes appeared on Daystar show Joni last month to claim that the gay marriage movement in the US will create an “anything goes” society in which people will be able to marry dogs.

While discussing Christian bakeries being “forced” to make cakes for same-sex weddings, panelist Rachel Lamb asked, “At what point is the line drawn as far as what is ‘discrimination’? Is it discrimination if they want to make a cake for, you know, them and their dog? They’re going to get married to their dog? Is that something that’s going to hold up? At what point do we say, ‘Okay, you know, this is not okay? Enough is enough.’”

“Because you’re blurring the lines,” host Joni Lamb added. “Because now marriage isn’t being clearly defined.”

Starnes, a veteran Fox News commentator, agreed, adding, “And when you think about it, though, when you do redefine marriage, that means anything goes. You’re no longer allowed to say, well, you can’t marry. Well, who are we to say who can’t marry if we’ve already redefined it. So now, it really is anything goes.”

In a book Starnes released earlier this year, he wrote a satirical news report in which the US passes “The Great Interspecies Marriage Act of 2025,” because Starnes is apparently obsessed with bestiality.

“A divided Supreme Court finally legalized interspecies marriage, striking down a key section of a federal law that denied veterinary benefits to humans and pets, and marking what activists are calling the greatest civil rights ruling of the twenty-first century,” Starnes mocked. “The landmark ruling means that more than one hundred thousand human and animal couples who are legally married will be able to take advantage of tax breaks, pension rights, and other benefits that are available to other married couples. Pet stores in California, New York, and Illinois have already announced plans to begin issuing marriage licenses. The first couples to tie the knot will receive a lifelong supply of Kibbles and Bits.”

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