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Right Wing Rant: Obama Wants ISIS to Attack US So He Can Impose Dictatorship

Americans for Legal Immigration’s William Gheen accused President Obama of encouraging ISIS to attack the United States so that he can impose a dictatorship in an interview with ultra-right-wing-semi-hate-site WorldNetDaily.

“If you look at history, the unfortunate result of terrorist threats and attacks has been to favor incumbents in Washington,” Gheen said. “The American public’s prior reactions to terror threats and acts has been to support incumbents. There is a psychological theory that when citizens feel threatened they will instinctively cling to the devil they know, to people in power that are familiar to them.”

“Which means the Obama administration has a political incentive for ISIS to threaten or actually carry out attacks because the precedent is that the people will reward you with more power and more money, which is what we did after 9/11, so when I see all this publicity of ISIS chopping off heads, I see it as political theater, I see it as psychological operations and attempts to manipulate the American public in the midterm election cycle,” Gheen added. “It benefits all incumbents but because Democrats control the Senate and White House it benefits them the most.”

“The only thing I believe that will stop Obama’s next window of completing the dictatorship plans is if there is a massive sweep of conservatives at the election polls in November that outdoes the historical shift of 2010,” Gheen concludes.

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