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Right Wing Rant: Ban Atheist ‘Fools’ From Military Because ‘Genuine Americans Believe in God’

American Family Association’s Bryan Fisher has written a column for One News Now in which he calls for the military to ban atheists from serving.

Discussing a recent case in which an airman was denied his request to re-enlist in the Air Force because he will not say the part of the oath that says ‘so help me God,’ Fischer says that atheists should be banned from all branches of the military.

“There is no place in the United States military for those who do not believe in the Creator who is the source of every single one of our fundamental human and civil rights,” Fischer wrote.

“Our military exists to uphold and defend the Constitution, and the Constitution in turn identifies the ‘unalienable rights’ the Declaration refers to that our government is obligated to protect,” Fischer says. “These rights do not come from government, they do not come from the commander-in-chief, and they most certainly do not come from some activist judge. They come from God himself. We are not evolved, as this wannabe-enlistee believes, but we are ‘created,’ and ‘endowed by (our) Creator with certain unalienable rights.’”

“An individual who does not understand and believe this has no right to serve in the U.S. military,” he asserted. “Military service should rightly be reserved for those who believe in and are willing to die for what America stands for – and what America stands for is a belief in God as the source of our rights.”

“A man who doesn’t believe in the Creator the Founders trusted certainly can live in America without being troubled for being a fool,” Fischer adds. “But he most certainly should not wear the uniform.”

“The other branches of the military do not require the same oath – yet,” he concludes. “But they should. Military service should be reserved for genuine Americans and genuine Americans, like the Founders, believe in God.”

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