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Republican Candidate: ‘Women Want Equality,’ Ray Rice Just Gave ‘Some Of It’ to His Wife

A Republican candidate for Sheriff in Baltimore County raised some eyebrows with his take on the Ray Rice case.

David Anthony Wiggins, running for county sheriff on an “anti-police brutality platform,” took offense to an article posted by Alana Davenport in which she writes, “there is a lot of victim-blaming [of Janay Rice] going on, which is just unacceptable.”

“How is she a victim when she began the assault?” Wiggins replied. “Are you holding her blameless and to a higher standard? Did you watch as she continually assaulted him until he knocked her Josi Badass out? Quit it with the sexist double standard… Stop making excuses for female violence against men.”

“Women want equality,” Wiggins added, and “she got some of it.”

He went on to say that, “Whites in general as a collective should shut the f*ck up about violence, you’re the most violent people on the face of the planet collectively… None of you have a moral high ground to stand on when it comes to violence… There are only white Jew women on this thread telling me what black women think.”

“Maybe if she had kept her hands to herself he wouldn’t have knocked her out,” Wiggins said, adding that “keeping your hands to yourself is a novel idea” that “more abusive women should try.”

“What I’m reading from those of you who claim she is a victim, is that it is okay for women to hit, slap, and assault men and there is never a reason for a man to hit a woman who is committing the crime of battery against him-that is total while liberal bullshit,” Wiggins said.

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