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Right Wing Rant: US Constitution Doesn’t Protect Muslims

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins took to his ‘Washington Watch’ radio show to explain that groups like ISIS are “real Muslims,” not like those fake “moderate” Muslims, which means Islam is such a danger to America that it should not have the same Constitutional protections as other religions.

“There are many people in the Muslim faith, and these are more kind of the moderates that they’re described as, who, they’re Muslim, they grew up Muslim, and they believe like, in the Muslim faith, but they don’t practice it, they don’t really believe the Quran and practice it as it’s written,” Perkins said.

“But those who do, especially when we’re talking about the Sunni Muslims, the militants there, they’re actually practicing their faith,” Perkins explained. “That’s what they do, that’s what they believe. Are there some of them here in the United States? Yes there are. Are all of them that way, no they’re not.”

“But the first way we have to reach them is, number one, we have to be very bold in evangelizing,” he continued. “In sharing the gospel with them and not shrinking back, not being afraid. I defend the freedom of religion in our Constitution, for anybody to make their theological choices. Now, as a Christian, I am very clear that all religions are not the same. They’re absolutely not.”

“But under the eyes of the law, everyone has the right to make their choice,” he added. “And so I defend religious freedom, however, as the Founders understood it, those freedoms; freedom of religion, freedom of speech, all was under ‘ordered liberty.’ Meaning it could not tear at the fabric of our society. And those who practice Islam in its entirety, it’s not just a religion, it’s an economic system, it’s a judicial system, and it is a military system. And it has Sharia law that you’ve heard about, and those things will tear and destroy the fabric of a democracy.”

“And so we have to be very clear about our laws and restrain those things that would harm the whole,” he concluded. “We are a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, that’s the foundation of our nation, not Islam, but the Judeo-Christian God.”

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