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Columnist: Ray Rice is the Real Victim

Renew America columnist Sylvia Thompson has written a new piece alleging that wife-beating NFL running back Ray Rice is the victim of a “sick and evil” leftist culture that “hates men.”

“Everybody knows that if Ray Rice, the football player who is being systematically destroyed by leftists, were a homosexual who decked another homosexual male, this fiasco would be played out vastly different,” Thompson writes. “The leftist media and sports industry would be doing everything that they could to justify the behavior – lobbying for counseling, calling for sympathy, shielding the perpetrator in every possible way. Excuse, excuse, excuse – that would be the mantra. But Ray Rice is not a homosexual man, so he suffers the full wrath of the holier-than-thou leftist mob.”

See, it’s not violence that enrages people, it’s the fact that Ray Rice likes girls. Apparently the left can’t stand that.

“What the mob is doing to Rice is beyond disgusting – it is criminal,” she continues. “It is a mob influenced by a pernicious feminism that pollutes the entire culture; nobody has the guts to cross rabid feminists. Rice’s wife and child are being completely ignored in this eternal quest for blood, anybody’s blood, as long as somebody is destroyed. Our culture has become so sick, twisted, and evil, that I find it very difficult to participate in it.”

Ah, that’s okay Sylvia, we’re not too upset about the prospect of losing you.

“If you are a woman with any sense in your head, you do not aggressively attack men,” Thompson states. “They are physically larger and if not larger, they are likely stronger. Women ignore this admonition at their own risk.”

“The draconian decision (indefinite suspension) that came down regarding Rice, however, is purely the result of attempting to please leftist feminists, and that reaction in itself is disgusting and hypocritical,” Thompson says. “Domestic violence, as bad as it is, is not the most grievous offense out there. Radical feminists need to be taught that lesson.”

Right, I suppose the NFL was just placating to feminists when they suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver for a full season and indefinitely banned Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon for smoking pot, too.

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