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Columnist: Women to Blame For Domestic Abuse

Gina Loudon has penned a new column for ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, blaming domestic violence in the United States on women.

“Where were the bra-burning, old-guard feminists this week in the Ray Rice abuse controversy?” Loudon writes. “If women and men are truly the same as they claim, then why weren’t they screaming in protest of his punishment? If women are the same as men, then how can they argue that a woman beaten by her boyfriend deserves special protection? Were they consistent, the feminist hypocrites would be decrying the NFL for extending protection to women that they do not need (by their own standards).”

See, ladies, you shouldn’t be protesting the NFL’s culture of domestic violence, you should be upset that the NFL punishes domestic abusers at all. After all, you don’t see the NFL suspending any women, do you…

“Feminists demand that training be ‘equalized’ to facilitate women becoming firefighters and combat troops, but on the other hand, they sit quietly when special protections are extended to women,” she continues. “Is there one intellectually honest liberal who will point to this hypocrisy?”

“The difficult part is that for so long, feminists have said there is no difference between men and women,” she writes. “If that’s true, then you can’t say that male abusers are more at fault than female abusers.”

“I believe it is that shift to sameness over the past 50 years that has led to more abuse of women,” she concludes. “We can thank the old feminists for putting us here. The question is, can we be honest enough to look at the opposite sex, and admit that equal does not mean same?”

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