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Columnist on Ray Rice Punching Fiancee: ‘There’s Your Equality, How Do You Like It?’

BarbWire columnist Robert Stacy McCain has penned a new piece claiming that former Ravens running back Ray Rice punched his then-fiancée in the face because feminists have “turned men and women into equals.”

“Everybody has focused on the obvious horror of Rice’s punch — the brute force of a 200-pound professional athlete used against a woman — and nobody seems interested in what Janay did immediately before the punch,” McCain writes. “The couple were in a confined space, inside an elevator, when Janay ‘got in his face,’ screaming and lunging toward Rice. Of course, Janay’s behavior does not justify Rice hitting her, but one wonders why she acted that way, just as one wonders whether the circumstance of being trapped in an elevator with this enraged woman in some way explains Rice’s reaction. That is to say, if her angry rage triggered Rice’s fight-or-flight instinct, he couldn’t flee from her while they were on the elevator, and his adrenalin surge produced an autonomic reflex: BOOM.”

“From the feminist perspective, this isn’t about one man hitting one woman,” McCain says. “This is about a ‘culture.’ This is about ‘the power structure’ of ‘patriarchy.’ Individual responsibility disappears and the conversation is about ‘a larger systemic injustice.’ The world is full of ‘systemic injustice,’ if you want to look at it that way, and almost everyone can somehow claim victimhood.”

“What if, instead of going to the casino with a date, Ray Rice had gone to the casino with a male buddy who got drunk and caused a scene?” McCain asks. “What if, after Ray and his buddy got on the elevator, the buddy had started yelling angrily at him, ‘getting in his face?’ BOOM. There’s your equality. How do you like it?”

“Of course, feminists don’t believe in this kind of equality, an equality which would make women and men equally vulnerable to the consequences of ‘getting in the face’ of a 200-pound pro athlete,” he contends. “However, as a skinny man who doesn’t enjoy pain, I can absolutely guarantee you that I would never make the mistake of engaging in a face-to-face shouting match with a guy like Ray Rice.”

“None of this makes sense in the context of radical equality, where the selfish quest for power turns man and woman into rivals,” he concludes. “BOOM. There’s your equality. How do you like it?”

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Igor Derysh is the Managing Editor of Latest. com and a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun Sentinel, and AOL News. His work has been criticized in even more publications. Follow him on Twitter @IgorDerysh

  • Bob Campe

    Meds, he needs meds. And I need what is left over!

  • Grannyb2

    Well, if it had been a man that he hit in the elevator, I am pretty sure he coulda/shoulda/woulda been charged with assault.

  • Richard Harper

    Sometimes, you just can’t keep it from seeping up from the septic tank.

  • Smooth

    Why giv e this knucklehead a forum to spout his bs?

  • Jennifer Carlile

    Assault is a crime. “Getting in somebody’s face” is not a crime. People whose first response to conflict is to beat the crap out of them need anger management classes…and they need to be arrested/charged with a crime. Whether you beat your “buddy” or your wife/girlfriend, assault is still a crime. Body type, gender, situation — none of it matters. In a civilized society, people resolve conflict in non-violent ways. When they don’t, they should be arrested and dealt with as criminals.

  • 54StarryNights

    What a load of crap. Anyone who would abuse and knock out a woman now would have been abusing and knocking out women before feminism.

  • Thom Lee

    Jerk must be a tea party guy or at least a GOPer. The party of insanity and violence!