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Fox News: Real ‘Poor’ People Don’t Have Computers, Air Conditioning

If you can read this, Fox News believes there’s no way you’re “really poor.”

On Tuesday’s edition of Fox News’ The Five, the panel asserted that the government counts too many families as “poor” in their “war on poverty” reports and real poor people wouldn’t have access to such things as computers, the Internet, or air conditioning.

“The war, this war against poverty was plotted to continue indefinitely,” Fox’s Greg Gutfeld said. “The census counts a family as poor, but excludes the government spending that they get, the programs they get from that actual income. So what happens is it guarantees that programs will grow while poverty is unchanged because you’re not counting the money they’re getting!”

Right, the problem with poverty statistics is that they don’t account for the benefits poor people get for being poor in the first place. Sound logic.

But the kicker was the on-screen graphic showing the types of items these “supposedly poor” people have, further suggesting these people aren’t “really” poor.

This included air conditioning, computers, cable television, and internet access (which, by the way, the United Nations now classifies as a fundamental human right).

Co-host Eric Bolling added that under President Obama, poor people no longer even “pretend” to look for a job to continue receiving assistance.

“President Obama is the first president to pull that [requirement] out,” Bolling said. “So it’s literally better financially for you to stay on welfare programs than to go out and get a job for a good percentage of the population.”

You see, these allegedly “poor” people are living it up on their “massive” welfare checks. You know how welfare pays better than jobs. More sound logic.

You can watch the full video below, but you may need a long shower afterward.

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