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Republican Senator: Muslims Are a ‘Cancer In Our Nation That Needs Cutting Out’

Oklahoma State Senator John Bennett (guess which party) has come under fire for telling Americans to be “wary” of Muslims because they might “decapitate you.”

As any conservative catering to a nationalist white constituency would, he refused to apologize for his statements and instead went on to explain that he’s right because “90 percent” of the Quran is “violence” and the religion is a “cancer” that needs to be “cut out.”

“Islam, if you bring it up as a non-Muslim, you’re called a ‘racist,’ or a ‘bigot,’ or an ‘Islamophobe.’ That’s what I was called by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).”

You know, I don’t know if invoking the term “Islam” makes you an “Islamophobe” as much as what you say after. So let’s watch Bennett put all of this into context and see that he’s not “really” an Islamophobe…

“But the truth is, I’m speaking the truth,” Bennett said. “I’ve read the Koran… 90 percent of it is violence. And only 10 percent of it is conciliatory, or what some would say is the ‘peaceful’ part of the Koran.”


“I’m going to talk about the threat of ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and CAIR, which is right here in the state of Oklahoma,” Bennett continued. “Is there a difference between moderate and radical Islam? I say, No.”

He went on to say the goal of “all” Muslims is “the destruction of Western civilization from within. This is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out. The media is playing right into their hands.”

Having read all that, can you believe CAIR called this guy an “Islamophobe?” What would make them think that?

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  • Thom Lee

    Why am I not surprised by the party of paranoia and hate and violence? I live in the city with the largest number if middle easterners. We get along just fine. I know it’s NOT a republican trait but different doesn’t automatically make you bad or dangerous! It’s my white rightist neighbors that worry me!

  • whatcom_bassist

    Oh good, a brainless hillbilly from Oklahoma talking about Islam.

  • wilsonsandy2

    SENATOR IS RIGHT. If you read the Qu-ran which is the bible of the muslims it says that if you commit adultery, you will be executed, if you leave the Muslim faith you will be executed. That does not sound like a peaceful religion, that sounds like a cult. It’s not a religion at all.