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Right Winger Uses Science He Doesn’t Understand to ‘Disprove’ Evolution

Rick Joyner, the host of the promisingly-titled “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” show, explained to his followers that the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which he clearly goes on to prove he doesn’t understand, disproves the entire theory of evolution, which he also clearly does not understand.

According to Joyner, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that “everything will trend toward disorder unless it is acted upon by an outside, intelligent source.”

That’s not what the law says, but Joyner goes on to argue that this proves the theory of evolution wrong.

The law “absolutely to the kazillionth power” proves that all of the events that created life on earth could not have happened by chance, adding that “a lot of people don’t understand how that impacts the theory of evolution.”

The Second Law of Thermodynamics proves to the “kazillionth” power that evolution is wrong. This guy isn’t just a scientific genius he’s a math whiz too.

“It fundamentally disproves the theory of evolution,” he concluded. “The theory of evolution is impossible. It is absolutely impossible. That’s why they’ve never found the missing link. It doesn’t exist. If it existed, you’d be finding it everywhere all the time. It would be everywhere you look. And sooner or later, we’ve got to realize how stupid the theory of evolution is. You have really got to be out of touch to believe something like that.”

Yeah, evolution is stupid. You know what real scientists believe? An invisible man in the sky created everything in six days and chilled to watch the Packers-Cowboys game on the seventh. Now that’s scientific. And, unlike the missing link, we see God ALL the time…

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