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‘You’re Nothing But a F*cking N*gger’: Firefighter Charged With Hate Crime Attack of Postal Worker

A Brooklyn firefighter is facing a non-jury hate crime trial after he attacked a black postal worker last November.

Brooklyn firefighter, 50-year-old Luke Schreiner, is charged with a hate crime attack against postal worker Rene Isidore. Schreiner reportedly yelled racial epithets at the victim, hit him in the face, and broke his glasses in half.

Schreiner faces four years in prison if convicted.

His defense lawyer, Robert Gallo, argues that the incident was simply road rage and not racism.

“This has nothing to do with race,” Gallo said in court on Tuesday. “He would have acted the same if Mr. Isidore was white, black, Asian, or green. If he said the ‘n-word’ it’s reprehensible. But the totality of the circumstances support fully that it was a traffic dispute.”

It’s unclear what caused Schreiner to snap but when Isidore pulled over at a mailbox he says the 300-pound firefighter went after him.

“He started yelling, ‘Do you want to get smacked today?’ and he slapped me in the face,” Isidore said.

“He grabbed me by my jacket and he removed my sun shades from my face and said, ‘What the f*** are you gonna do?’ He broke them in half and stuck the pieces in the hood of my jacket,” Isidore told the judge.

“You’re nothing but a f***ing n*gger,” Isidore said the man yelled. “That’s why you work for the postal service.”

The 18-year FDNY vet, who has two prior arrests for assault, is charged with criminal mischief, attempted assault, aggravated harassment, and menacing as hate crimes.

UPDATE: Firefighter CLEARED of Hate Crime Charges!

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