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Right Wing Rant: ‘NSA Should Monitor’ Obama as a ‘Communist Russian Agent’

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media spoke to Frank Gaffney on Thursday and suggested that the National Security Agency “should be monitoring our own president” because he may well be a Communist agent.

Kincaid noted that he believes that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a Russian agent and says that the NSA was right to monitor her phone.

“We can’t just assume that some of these people supposedly on our side are just misguided and have been led astray,” Kincaid said. “We have to look at evidence of infiltration.”

He went on to imply that President Obama may be part of this “infiltration,” adding that it was “no accident” that Edward Snowden “ended up in Moscow.”

He also mentioned that union activist Frank Marshall Davis was friends with Obama’s family and that Obama was “mentored as a youth by a pro-Soviet Communist Party operative.”

“Frankly, our NSA should be monitoring our own president,” Kincaid concluded.

Earlier this month, Kincaid also wrote a column suggesting Obama is a “puppet of Putin.”

“Obama plays into Putin’s hands by refusing to even describe the invasion of Ukraine as an invasion,” Kincaid wrote. He’s “letting Russia carry out a slaughter” and “it’s almost as if Obama is a puppet of Putin.”

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