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Rush Limbaugh’s Black Sidekick Snerdley Misses ‘The Good Old Days’ of Segregation

James Golden, who is better known as Rush Limbaugh’s producer and sidekick Bo Snerdley, spoke with The Daily Caller this week to lament how the quality of life for African-Americans has apparently been suffering since the country ended segregation.

Speaking with The Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Golden asked, “Isn’t it a shame that the good old days were the days when things were segregated legally in this country?”

“The good old days, when two-parent families were the norm in the black community – and they were – two parent families were the norm back during segregation days,” he added.

“Howard University was graduating doctors and lawyers who were qualified, not through Affirmative Action, but genuinely qualified through hard work and merit by the score,” he continued. “And there was this sense we were achieving against all the odds, and we were going to push and break through. Those were during the days of segregation.”

Predictably, he went on to accuse liberals and President Obama of pushing African-Americans in the wrong direction.

“What took us here?” he asked. “People following this liberal ride down all the way.”

“The real issues concerning black America have been unaddressed by Obama,” Golden said. “In fact he’s doing everything he can to secure higher unemployment with these calls for the minimum wage to go up. Most black people don’t understand that because they’re not taught in school economics because most economics are taught by liberals, and they don’t teach the truth about this.

“But the hardest hit any time the minimum wage goes up are the black men looking for jobs, and so who ends up in gangs because they are completely out of work, completely uneducated? Because their unionized schools have failed them, because their parents have failed them, because their society has failed them? These black kids who end up in gangs.”

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