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Oklahoma Cops Are Raping Women in Traffic Stops, Captain Says If You Don’t Want to Get Raped Then ‘Follow The Law’

In recent months, Oklahoma police officers have been accused of repeatedly raping women, typically during traffic stops. Now, Captain George Brown is suggesting that women who want to avoid being raped should “follow the law.”

Recently, one Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer were accused of raping women repeatedly. Last week a Tulsa County deputy was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman after he responded to a 911 call.

NBC Tulsa decided to ask Oklahoma Highway Patrol how residents can stay safe during a traffic stop – from police.

Captain George Brown explained that women should stay in the car but occasionally an officer will ask a person back to the patrol car.

“There are certain situations where we do that,” Brown told KJRH. “If someone doesn’t have a driver’s license on their person. We asked for an ID or driver’s license, if they can’t provide it, rather than stand outside the car writing [a ticket], which puts us in a bad location, we may ask a female back to the car so we can get her information.”

“The captain says anything that happens inside the trooper’s car is videotaped, and he says that supervisors do review those tapes,” KJRH reported. “He says the best tip he can give is to follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.”

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