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Right Wing Rant: Military Should Overthrow Obama Like in Egypt

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch spoke with American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon this week and called on military leaders to “rise up” and overthrow President Obama like the Egyptian military did to Mohamed Morsi.

Klayman said military leaders should “go to the president and say, ‘Your time’s up,’ just like they did to Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. ‘Take a hike guy, you’re destroying the country.’”

Klayman says this has become necessary because Obama is “not a legitimate president” and is “having our people killed for no reason.”

He then went on claim that Obama is an observant Muslim and wears a “ring that says my only God is Allah.”

Wildmon jumped in to add that he thinks Obama “is a Muslim in his thinking,” whatever the hell that means.

Klayman went on to add that Obama “protects his Muslim brothers at the expense of Christians and Jews.”

“This president is anti-Christian, he’s anti-Semitic, he doesn’t like white people,” Klayman accused. “We’re taking strong legal action hopefully to get him removed from office as soon as possible before we go under for the count.”

He later called Obama a “socialist, a black Muslim in the mold of Louis Farrakhan” who wants to “pay back African Americans” by “deconstructing the country, trying to bring the country down, in effect like revenge… We can’t take it anymore, we just simply can’t take it anymore.”

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