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Columnist: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Care if Young Girls Get Raped

Author Gina Loudon has penned a new column for ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, claiming that because Hillary Clinton “stood passive while Islamic women were raped and stoned to death” she will naturally tolerate rape of women in the United States if elected president.

“The first war [on women] is one where women are being serially gang-raped and stoned to death by Islamists across the world who believe women are only one-fifth of a person,” Loudon writes. “If a woman is raped, under Shariah law, five men must testify that they witnessed the woman being raped. Otherwise, she is stoned to death in front of her friends and family. Christian and Jewish women are being led like lambs to slaughter by Islamists. There is definitely a war on women, but not the one the statist elites in D.C. like to pretend is happening. That is but a ruse designed to distract the simple minded.”

“Where is Hillary on this?” Loudon asks. “If I were GOP leadership, I would be giddy about the thought of a Hillary run. Aside from Benghazi, think about a campaign based on what she never did to stop the real war on women. If she stood passive while Islamic women were raped and stoned to death, what will she passively let happen to women were she president of the United States?”

Loudon then somehow spun the whole thing into Clinton being anti-guns which inherently makes her “against moms protecting their children.”

“Even for those women who don’t care to ever touch a gun (and that is OK), most still wouldn’t want to take away the rights of other moms to protect their children, their families from abusers, or their homes from tyranny,” Loudon concludes.

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