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Right Wing Rant: ISIS Not Attacking US Because ‘Obama Doing More To Destroy America Than Any Possible Attack’

Anti-immigrant activist William Gheen spoke with ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily on Tuesday to claim that terrorists aren’t attacking the United States because they are “pleased” with what President Obama has been doing to the country.

“Large numbers of terrorists have already exploited the inadequate patrol of our borders,” Gheen claimed. “And the reason they are not attacking us is because they are so pleased with the way things are going under President Obama.”

“If there were another 9/11 style attack, it would increase public pressures to secure the border,” Gheen continued. “Illegal immigration and Obama are doing more to destroy America than any terrorist attack could ever hope to achieve, so why would any terrorist want to upset what is already happening?”

Of course, why would terrorists attack a country when they can do even more damage by… not attacking a country?

“The cartels are the same,” Gheen added. “We know there are thousands of cartel members all around us in America, but they’re not killing in the volumes they do in Central and South American because their agenda is proceeding and they are harvesting billions of dollars of wealth in America by turning our children into addicts of their chemical weapons, primarily cocaine and methamphetamine.”

Of course, earlier this month, Gheen said that Obama actually wants ISIS to attack the United States so that he can impose a dictatorship.

“If you look at history, the unfortunate result of terrorist threats and attacks has been to favor incumbents in Washington,” he said. “The American public’s prior reactions to terror threats and acts has been to support incumbents. There is a psychological theory that when citizens feel threatened they will instinctively cling to the devil they know, to the people in power that are familiar to them.

“Which means the Obama administration now has a political incentive for ISIS to threaten or actually carry out attacks because the precedent is that the people will reward you with more power and more money, which is what we did after 9/11, so when I see all this publicity of ISIS chopping off heads, I see it as political theater, I see it as psychological operations and attempts to manipulate the American public in the mid-term election cycle. It benefits all incumbents but because the Democrats control the Senate and White House it benefits them the most.”

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