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VIDEO: NYPD Cops Slam Pregnant Woman, Stun Gun Her Belly

The New York Police Department is investigating multiple officers after a watchdog group released a video showing cops slamming a pregnant woman to the ground and using a Taser on her stomach in Brooklyn.

The woman says the officers were harassing her 17-year-old son, John Lemos, over a prior arrest.

Police say they were trying to arrest Lemos for possession of a knife.

Dennis Flores of watchdog group El Grito de Sunset Park says, “According to this young man, the cops, when they put the razor blade in his pocket, they told him, ‘We’re going to make sure this time it sticks.’ So the mom saw this, started yelling out, and the cops grabbed her and slammed her head against the floor like we see in the video. And the put a Taser to her stomach.”

Police were also seen slamming another woman on the ground after she tried to intervene.

The pregnant woman suffered burns on her stomach from the Taser.

“Her belly is now with black and blue bruises,” Flores says. She’s bleeding and she’s having complications… It was disgusting what we saw. You know, how can you treat a human being this way – you know, an innocent child in the belly?”

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