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‘It Was a Slaughter Fest’: Republican Senator Slammed For Live Pigeon Shoot Fundraising Event

Animal rights groups are outraged that Republican Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe took part in a live pigeon shoot at a fundraising event.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), an animal rights group, says the senator and his son took part in the event and spokesperson Rusty Appleton later confirmed that Inhofe participated.

Steve Hindi, the group’s president, says, “This was not a food gathering. This was not pest control. This wasn’t even a competition. This was just a slaughter-fest.”

Appleton told the Associated Press that, “Senator Inhofe agrees with the NRA that this is a long-standing traditional shooting sport.”

SHARK obtained video of the event, showing workers throwing live pigeons into the air and then birds falling out of the sky after being shot, all while a live mariachi band plays in the background.

Tony Woodruff, the captain of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation told the AP that, “Pigeons are one of the animals that are not really protected by federal law since they’re not migratory. We’re pretty liberal on our laws. We let people do quite a bit here.”

Pigeon shoots are illegal in multiple other states.

Hindi, who is a Republican, says his agenda was not political but rather Inhofe’s participation in the shoot is “a disturbing indicator of his character.”

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