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Radio Host: Obama ‘Despises The Military,’ Wants to Destroy It

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins took to his Washington Watch radio show to claim that President Obama “despises” the military and wants to “dismantle” and “demoralize” it.

Perkins slammed the president for sending troops to West Africa to help combat the spread of Ebola while ruling out sending troops to fight ISIS.

“This president, I think, despises the military and everything that it stands for and has systematically been dismantling it and demoralizing our military,” Perkins said.

“They’re not trained for that,” Perkins said of the mission in Africa. “Not equipped for that, don’t necessarily understand that, but we’re sending the military to do that. That is the response of a community organizer, not a commander in chief. That’s the community-organizer-in-chief is what it is, but it has devastating consequences for national security and all our families.”

Perkins also spoke to Republican Congressman John Fleming who warned that Obama’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria is just President Obama playing politics.

“My fear, Tony, is that this is politics,” Fleming said. “We’re running up upon an election, the president after those two public beheadings had to take some action. It has the appearance, unfortunately, of a political move and is probably timed just right. The problem is we need the president and Congress to establish strategies and policies that are going to be successful, not just do things on political grounds.”

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