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Columnist: Obama ‘Morphing Black Thugs Into Muslim Terrorists,’ Muslims Are ‘Swamp Creatures’

WorldNetDaily columnist Burt Prelutsky has penned a new piece slamming Muslims, President Obama, black people, gay people, and just about everyone in between.

Prelutsky argues that “it is essential” that the Republicans win back the Senate in November to “limit the damage” Obama can do in the final two years of his presidency.

“Once you get past our gallant past and the promise of our divinely inspired Constitution, what do you see?” Prelutsky asks. “What I see are a million abortions a year. I see the foolishness of same-sex marriages, and I see states tripping over themselves in their rush to legalize brain-deadening drugs. I see the filth and decadence of our popular culture. I see journalists who have rejected objectivity and assumed the role of propagandists for the left. I see our leaders promoting a racial divide that ignores black violence, black illegitimacy rates and the morphing of black thugs into Muslim terrorists, while accusing the entire white race of bigotry.”

“To this day, I don’t understand why we ever decided to defend one group of Muslims from another group of Muslims,” he continues. “I understand attacking them whenever they appear to be a risk to America or Israel, but not on behalf of anyone but ourselves. These people are not our friends; they are swamp creatures. What’s more, all they ever do during these conflicts is offer to hold our coat while we do their fighting and dying for them.”

“Possibly the surest sign that America is in decline is that the country twice elected Barack Hussein Obama to be its commander in chief,” he concludes. “The chump hasn’t the know-how to be a crossing guard, but we gave him the same two terms we once gave George Washington and Ronald Reagan. As I said just prior to the 2012 election, I thought America could probably survive eight years of Obama, but I wasn’t so sure it could survive an electorate that would grant him a second term.”

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