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Man Accused of Calling Cop a ‘F*cking N*gger’ Demands Apology From Police

A Connecticut man is charged with breach of peace after an incident over a $15 parking ticket that turned ugly when he began to spout off racial slurs. Now, he is demanding an apology from the parking attendant who wrote him the ticket.

In August, 55-year-old David Liebenguth got a $15 ticket after his parking meter expired. As the parking attendant was about to ticket a second car, the driver returned and the attendant let the woman drive off without a ticket.

That’s when police Sgt. Carol Ogrinc says Liebenguth approached the attendant and “started getting on about it.”

Ogrinc says the man immediately became verbally abusive and claimed that the attendant, who is black, ticketed his car because it is white.

Police say Liebenguth “then continued by stating that he was issued the ticket because he was white” and told the attendant to “remember what happened in Ferguson.”

According to police, Liebenguth muttered “f***ing n***ers” and then shouted ‘f***ing n***er” as he drove past the attendant.

Police Chief Leon Krolikowski says, “We conducted an investigation, then presented our findings to a state prosecutor as well as a superior court judge who both found there was probable cause to arrest Mr. Liebenguth.”

In response to his charge of breach of peace, Liebenguth wrote a letter to Krolikowski and city officials demanding an apology from the attendant.

“Quite honestly, I was expecting an official apology on your employee’s behalf,” he wrote.

He says the parking attendant blocked his car and says he will purse “an official complaint and arrest warrant for harassment and unlawful imprisonment against your employee.”

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