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Right Wing Rant: People Who Believe in Evolution Are Dumb and Jealous

Fox News pundit and RedState editor Erick Erickson spoke at this weekend’s Values Voter Summit to explain that he and the audience were going to heaven while those liberals who believe in evolution are misled and jealous because they are going to hell.

“We live in a day and age where there are a whole lot of people who tell us ‘we don’t have a purpose,’” Erickson said. “The argument couldn’t be more clear in this age where people worship science as the end of all things. There are some who believe we were an accident of primordial goo, particles bumping into each other after the Big Bang that created bacteria that created amoeba that created something that led to something, a missing link, and then men, somewhere in there there’s a monkey apparently.”

See, science… that’s silly and implausible. As opposed to the theory (wait, that’s a scientific term, never mind) of creation in which an invisible man in the sky made everything in a matter of six days and has apparently been resting on his laurels ever since. Way more plausible.

“But we’re an accident,” Erickson said. “And if we’re an accident, we have no purpose. Or, our purpose is pleasure. The highest and best use of mankind is pleasure. To maximize pleasure and minimize pain… sounds like someone you’d hear today on that Cosmos series on Fox.”

“I see a world that is opposed to us in this room because we’re headed home to eternity, we’re just passing through,” he said. “There is a last day, pick a side and the right side wins.”

And naturally Erickson is on the right side because he read a book written thousands of years ago that he apparently believes still holds up well.

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